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Making Startups Series-A-ready

Attract finance, proactively avoid risks, and gain a competitive edge 

Engrain ESG risk management and impact alignment early and improve your funding perspectives

Learn what exposure you have to certain risks and get useful recommendations 

Differentiate yourself, improve your employer branding, acquire, and retain talent

Build trust and improve reputation among stakeholders through transparent communication  

Benefit from an intuitive tool, custom-made for startups to report, store and share data


One place for your ESG scoring and SDG maturity assessment  

Perform your screening and progress monitoring with ease

Fill in data, applicable to your business and set KPIs and targets to monitor progress

Receive risks, recommendations, and policy templates

Benefit expert advice and notification of embedded risks. Identify areas for improvement and utilize our policy templates to enhance your position 

Get visual graphic report to share with investors

Receive professionally designed reports to share with investors and stakeholders

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