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Green Herbs 2


We work to spread awareness and knowledge in the field of ESG.

We organize training for corporates and participate in accelerator programs and partnerships.

Iskra and Nadia took the role of mentors at Connect Nordic workshop

June 2024

It was a pleasure to be mentors in this interactive an informative event organized by our partners at Connect Nordics and dedicated to the specifics of the Nordic markets and the best market entry strategies. And, yes, sustainability is a big part of it. 

Connect Nordics event June 2024.jpeg

uIMPACT is selected as an official supplier for the EU SIlicon Cluster project

June 2024

Screenshot 2024-06-17 at 17.20.36.png

We are a part fo the Silicon Eurocluster network that finances sustainable consulting for SME's. 

We signed an MoU with Toncheva and Partners Law Firm 

June 2024

It is a great pleasure for us when we find like-minded partners on green topics within Bulgarian companies. We are delighted to announce that we have entered into a new partnership agreement with the law firm "Toncheva and Partners".


This partnership will allow us to provide comprehensive services to our clients, combining our efforts and expertise in the fields of sustainable development and law.


uIMPACT part in WWF's Panda Labs 

May 2024

uIMPACT participated in the Panda Labs initiative by WWF Bulgaria. Iskra Yovkova conducted a masterclass for young innovators on how to address environmental challenges and integrate sustainability from the outset into their business models.


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How to attract sustainable investors: training for the Vitosha Venture Partners portfolio companies

April 2024

As part of the Vitosha Venture Partners family, it was an honor for us to present our company to the Vitosha portfolio alongside our partners from Urban Impact Ventures.

Together with our partners from Bureau Veritas, we conducted a day-long training on CSRD

April 2024

In the presence of over 30 companies, we thoroughly examined the important aspects of the new regulations concerning sustainable reporting.

Screenshot 2024-06-14 at 15.48.53.png
Screenshot 2024-06-11 at 15.42.17.png

We are launching a partnership with Connect Nordics

February 2024

We are partnering with Connect Nordics, a platform that helps Bulgarian companies enter Scandinavian markets. During our first joint event, we discussed with participants the importance of ESG reporting in contracts with partners from Scandinavian countries.

We conducted training on CSRD for members of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI)

February 2024

With the organizational support of BCCI, we conducted training on how companies can prepare for the new sustainability reporting regulations for the members of the Chamber.

Screenshot 2024-06-14 at 16.01.33.png
Twinning .png

We participated in a focus group dedicated to the topic of the dual transition of European industries

February 202

The aim of the event is to exchange opinions, attitudes, and beliefs to identify the needs of workers and social partners, as well as the challenges they face in their efforts to achieve a fair dual transition.

The event is part of the European project TWINING - Support for the dual transition of European industries.

We are joining forces with ESG Platform

February 2024

We are initiating a partnership with ESG Platform, a development by Reconart Innovation Lab, part of ReconArt BG. The platform aims to facilitate the integration of ESG criteria in Bulgaria and the region, supporting the United Nations in achieving its goals. We are planning to integrate our platform, uIMPACT Sustainability Explorer, with ESG Platform.

ESG Platform .webp

uIMPACT is a regional finalist in the Central European Startup Awards

November 2023

We have been nominated as a regional finalist for Bulgaria in the category of "Best Newcomer" at the Central European Startup Awards.

uIMPACT at Sofia Money Expo 2023

October 2023

During our participation in Sofia Money Expo 2023, we discussed why even smaller companies may soon need to demonstrate their awareness of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) factors to secure funding or sign contracts with suppliers. Sustainability isn't just a buzzword; it directly correlates with a company's resilience.

SIM expo .jpeg
VVP investment.webp

Vitosha Venture Partners now an investor in uIMPACT

Septemebr 2023

This investment confirms our mission to provide innovative solutions for tracking and compliance with sustainability standards, crucial for VC funds, startups, and companies affected by newly introduced European regulations.

Iskra Yovkova in an interview for the "Karol Knowledge" Foundation

July 2023

It was an honor for us to collaborate with the "Karol Knowledge" Foundation and share our experience in the field of ESG.

Karol interview.webp
Karol entrepreneurs.jpeg

Iskra Yovkova was a mentor in "Entrepreneurs in Science" at Karoll Foundation 

July 2023

Iskra Yovkova, CEO and co-founder of uIMPACT, was a mentor in the "Entrepreneurs in Science" program at the Karol Knowledge Foundation. The program is aimed at students and PhD candidates who wish to commercialize their ideas and discoveries.

Iskra Yovkova in an interview for Bloomberg Bulgaria

June 2023

Screenshot 2024-06-11 at 15.09.27.png

uIMPACT in an interview for

June 2023

It was a pleasure  to discuss with the competitive advantages that ESG reporting provides to startup companies.

We took part in Startup Europe Week

March 2023

We participated with a special presentation in the Sofia edition of Startup Europe Week 2023.

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