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Our Services

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uIMPACT provides a flexible portfolio of services according to the specific client needs. Our services can be described in three major categories suitable for companies of all sizes, in all stages of their sustainability journey. We also offer training specifically targeting certain regulations or sustainability concepts. 



Sustainability tracking and reporting 

for small- and medium-sized companies and portfolio managers that need to start building sustainability track record, meet vendor contract requirements or attract funding. Includes a visual insights sustainability assessment report and two hours guidance and advisory support by uIMPACT experts.


ESG screening and scoring

Our Sustainability Explorer Platform collects ESG-related information across 12 criteria sets and 70 data points to assess your company's overall ESG standing providing scores by cathegory and allowing for 

target setting and progress monitoring.


KPIs and target setting for progress monitoring 

Sustainability Explorer Platform guides you throough KPI selection within the ESG domain as well as defining company-specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This allows you to  demonstrate your progress and company commitments.


Automated intuitive reporting platform

The Sustainability Explorer intuitive autometed self-reporting platform offers effortless ESG screening and SDG maturity level assessment with specific ESG and SDG scores giving your company the opportunity to demonstrate its impact.


SDG/impact alignment assessment 

The Platform screens for alignment with the SDGs across 60 pre-selected SDG targets, assessing the overall SDG maturity score and  providing guidance on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) selection.


Risk identification and actionable expert recommendations 

As part of your Sustainability Explorer assessment report we provide actionable expert recommendations for improving and mitigating sustainability-related financial and reputational risks and guidance and support to effectively address identified risks.




Set of personalized advisory services

for medium and bigger-sized entities already subject to or preparing for compliance with sustainability regulations or specific investor/ partner requirements


Stakeholder involvement tools
and processes development

Stakeholder involvement is crucial for regulatory reporting. 

Our experts can help with stakeholder mapping, consultation forums, surveys, and participatory workshops. 


Support with CSRD,
EU Taxonomy and SFDR disclosures and reporting

We offer expert support on
CSRD, EU Taxonomy, and SFDR disclosures and reporting, ensuring compliance and transparency


Policy house development

Our experts can help you create a comprehensive framework that outlines the organization's commitment to sustainable practices. Theese policies will serve as a guiding documents, integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles into all aspects of the company's operations and decision-making processes


Development of value chain models and double materiality matrixes

will allow you to comprehensively assess both internal and external impacts, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic alignment with ESG goals.


Support with specific requirements by investors/ partners

We offer tailored support on any specific requirements from investors or partners you might encounter.

Impact Validator


Impact-related support for your company  

For impactful companies or investors that need to define, validate, manage and communicate their impact.


Analysis of potential impact

Our experts will help you choose an impact reporting framework, select KPIs and initiate impact measurement practices.


Development of impact framework for investors

We can assist investors in creating a structured approach to assess the impact of their investment activities, define KPIs, metrics, and methodologies used to evaluate the positive and negative impacts of investment decisions on various stakeholders and the broader society.


Expert-led impact validation  

We offer thrid-party validation of your impact claims.


Theory of change development

We will assist your organizations in defining and articulating your Theory of Change or the pathways through which interventions lead to desired outcomes.


Positioning and storytelling

Through tailored messaging and storytelling techniques, we can help your company articulate its unique sustainability journey, enhancing its brand reputation and fostering deeper connections with customers, investors, and other stakeholders.

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