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The Platform is an intuitive, self-reporting online tool designed specifically to cater to the needs of small and mid-sized companies that are newcomers to the sustainability domain.


These companies often face client or investor demands or acknowledge the importance of building a sustainability track record.

Our Sustainability Explorer Platform allows them to initiate sustainability reporting without imposing excessive time and resource demands.

Our Sustainability Explorer Platform in Action 

How it works

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After receiving access to the Platform you will go through a series of questionnaires covering material environmental, social, and governance aspects of your operations, as well as how your core product or service impacts the larger environment and society (people and planet).


Our experts will guide you through the assessment process during one introductory session, followed by one validation session before you fill in your data. 

You will receive a detailed Sustainability Monitoring Report consisting of 3 sections - ESG Assessment, SDG Alignment, and Risks Overview and Recommendations by one of our experts.

Your ESG Assessment

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Your ESG Assessment will consist of an overall ESG score, score for each of the three ESG domains (Environmental, Social and Governance) as well as individual scores across 12 category sets. 


Your SDG Allignment Assessment

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The SDG alignment assessment identifies the SDG's relevant to your company's core product or service and the degree to which your company manages its positive and negative impact.

Expert Risks Identification and Recommendations

Your report will include a list of sustainability-related risks that your company is exposed to and expert recommendations on risk mitigation strategies.

Customization and Technical Capabilities 

The Sustainability Explorer Platform has an agile digital core and ML/ AI engine allowing for high scalability​ and powerful analytics integration, direct API integration and customer-specific adaptations and add-ons​.

Assessment Methodology 

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